Our Intention

Our intention is to live vibrantly! We believe that clean, activated foods are essential to feeling truly healthy. We encourage people to eat well, embrace their power, and reach for their highest potential.

What is Activated?

Activated is food at its highest potential. At Living Intentions, Activated is an outlook, a way of being, and a mantra for intentionally shifting life into higher gear. Whether it be sprouted with active enzymes, loaded with superfoods, or enhanced with prebiotics, our activated foods contain combinations of essential nutrients, giving your body what it needs!


Taste Activated?

We love to create outrageous flavor combinations that will completely dazzle your taste buds. Our unique blends are made from a combination of exotic and nutritionally dense ingredients with no fillers or additives… AKA, Pure food ingredients, no weird stuff added!

Join the Living Intentions TRIBE

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Set your frequency. Want a new shipment every month? Every 2 weeks? The more you order the more you save.


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Pure food


No weird
stuff added


Ideal Nutrition

Our Activated products are a combination of nutrient dense superfoods, sprouted ingredients and prebiotics. All of our foods are uniquely processed in order to maintain the nutritent integrity, naturally present in plant based foods. We take extra steps to ensure our nutrition is bio-available and can be easily absorbed by your body!

Today I will feed myself with what makes me feel most alive.

That was the last one!

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