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Are all of your products organic?
All of our packaged products are organic except for our sprouted almonds. Our sprouted almonds are sourced from transitional farms.


What is a transitional farm?
Before a farm can be certified organic by the USDA it cannot apply pesticides on its land for three years. During that “transitional” period the farm may not label its products as organic even though no pesticides have been applied. It is often hard for farmers to sell this crop profitable because it can’t be labelled organic. By purchasing almonds from farmers transitioning to organic we support the creation of additional organic farms that will benefit the health and wellness of our community.


Are your products Non-GMO?
Yes! All products certified USDA organic are required to be non-GMO as part of their certification process. Because our almonds are not organic certified we have them non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO project.


Are your products Raw?
As there is no standard definition of raw we are not currently labelling our products with that term. However, almost all of our products with the exception of our popcorn line are minimally processed, meaning dehydrated at low temperatures.


I used to purchase your cereals and they taste different now?
Yes they do! We recently reformulated our cereal to make it fluffier and crunchier and (we think) tastier. As part of the reformulation we also added probiotics, although this has no impact on flavor or texture. In addition, we also changed some of the flavor names to better represent what they taste like.


What happened to my favorite flavors of Sprouted Seeds?
We’ve updated the flavor names of our sprouted seeds. Ayurvedic Chili Blend is now called Smokey Barbeque and Sunflower & Greens is now called Jalapeno Mojo.


Are your products Vegan?
With one exception all of our products are vegan. The only product that is not vegan is Honey Sriracha Superfood Nut Blend.


Are there any allergens present in your manufacturing facilities?
Our Sprouted Seeds, Sprouted Trail Mix, Sprouted Nuts, Superfood Cereal & Superfood Nuts are all made in a facility that processes tree nuts, amazonian peanuts & soy.

Our popcorn is made in facility that processes tree nuts, soy and dairy.


How should I store my sprouted nuts & seeds?
All of our products can be stored at room temperature.


Want to connect with us?
Please reach out to us via the contact us section of our site and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How are nuts and seeds sprouted?
At Living Intentions we soak our nuts and seeds in water for 8-12 hours. After this they will rest and germinate.


Our process mimics how seeds germinate in nature. Normally a seed lies dormant on the ground until rains provide the water necessary for germinating and sprouting to take place.


Why don’t sprouted nuts and seeds have a tail like a traditional sprout?
Most nuts won’t grow tails unless they are still in the shell. Other nuts or seeds will only grow tails under very specific conditions. For instance, sunflower, pumpkin and buckwheat will only grow tails if allowed to germinate over a period of 3-5 days.


What are the health benefits of sprouting?
Sprouting takes a seed from a raw dormant state to the “live” state by removing the enzyme inhibitors that are present in nuts and seeds to prevent germination until the environment is optimal for plant growth. Removal of these enzyme inhibitors causes multiple health benefits.


Increased Enzyme Activity – Enzymes are the building blocks of life. Consuming foods with enzymes aids health via ease of digestion, increased detoxification, and maintains and assist healing


Greater Nutritional Value – Removal of enzyme inhibitors allows for greater absorption of the nutrients within the nut. This means that your body can capture and utilize more of the nutrients in a nut or seed versus having them flush through your body.


Better Flavor – Enzyme inhibitors are often bitter. This is most apparent in walnut skins. After sprouting nuts have a crunchier texture and lighter flavor.


Does spouting affect the flavor?
Yes, sprouting actually makes things tastier. It reduces bitterness and increases the natural sweetness found it the nut/seed. The most noticeable example of this is a sprouted walnut, which no longer has the bitter taste found in raw walnuts. Sprouted items are lighter and crunchier than raw or roasted products.


What is the shelf life of a sprouted product?
The shelf life is one year from the date of production. Be sure to check the best by dating on each package.


How are Living Intentions products dried?
Drying at low temperatures preserves the vital nutrients and enzymes that are usually destroyed in high heat processes.

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