Our activated foods merge sprouted, plant based superfoods, with prebiotics and healing herbs to create foods with extra-ordinary nutritional benefits that give your body what it needs.

Why Sprouted?

Sprouting is nature’s natural process of bringing a seed to life! When a nut or seed falls from a tree it contains enzyme inhibitors called phytates. These enzyme inhibitors are present in raw nuts and seeds to preserve them in the ground until the rain comes allowing them to germinate and sprout.  By soaking our nuts and seeds we mimic this miraculous process! Sprouting unlocks vital nutrients and activates enzymes that ease digestion and increase vitality!

Sprouted Foods…
  • Increase Enzyme Activity
  • Increase Nutritional Value
  • Ease Digestion
  • Increase Nutrient Absorption
  • Contain Less Fat and Increase Healthy Proteins
  • Have a Sweeter Flavor

What are Prebiotics?

A plant based, non-digestible fiber compound. Prebiotics are best known as a type of fiber called “oligosaccharides”. Prebiotic carbohydrates are fermented by anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine.

How Prebiotics Work For Your Body?

As prebiotics make their way through the stomach, they are not broken down by either gastric acids or digestive enzymes. Because of this, positive changes are brought about in the digestive tract and organs.

Prebiotic compounds become nutrient sources, or “fuel” for the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut.

Combined with probiotics, prebiotics play a fundamental role in preserving health. By maintaining balance and diversity of intestinal bacteria, prebiotics increase the presence of ’good bacteria’.

Prebiotic Benefits
  • • Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • • Healthier Cholesterol Levels
  • • Better Gut Health & Improved Digestion
  • • Lower Stress Response
  • • Enhanced Immune Function

What is a Superfood?

Superfoods are foods that are power packed with vital nutrients! Superfoods are an incredible source of nutrition and contribute to optimal health and vibrant living. We pack as many superfoods as we can into all of our products… because, why not?!

Minimally Processed

It is our mission to provide you with foods with the utmost nutrition! We gently air-dry at low temperatures to protect essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients compromised during high-heat processing. Our intention is to maintain the natural integrity of our ingredients.

We provide real food that takes time to prepare, no short cuts!


The foods you choose and how they are processed can greatly affect your body’s potential to absorb nutrients. All of our foods are uniquely processed in order to maintain the nutritent integrity, naturally present in plant based foods. We take extra steps to ensure our nutrition is bio-available and can be easily absorbed by your body!

That was the last one!

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